Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fashionista Kitchens...

“The only thing that I have ever successfully made in the kitchen is a mess."   + Carrie Bradshaw

Even though we might not all be culinary geniuses.... the KITCHEN still remains one of the best rooms in the house to hangout in!

When I think kitchen... I think food, friends, family, and why not FASHIONISTA?  After all, we LIVE in our kitchens AND as a real estate agent, I know it can be one of the biggest selling features in your home. So why not invest in this room's overall appearance and dress it to impress? 

Whether you are renovating your existing kitchen, building a new one, or just looking to add some style...Check out these fashion forward kitchens for ideas!

They are so STYLISH and TRENDY you will be baking, frying, slicing, and dicing in style!


How many industrial influences can fit into one kitchen? 

   This oh so stylish kitchen has it ALL! A COMMERCIAL-STYLE stainless steel sink, refrigerator, work table, and kitchen faucet.  PLUS, a beer TAP!

 And GET this! The SUB-ZERO refrigerator and 12 foot stainless steel sink are RECYCLED from a RESTAURANT! 

Apple Green isn't just for Apples!

Architect Gil Schafer spiced up the inside of these kitchen cabinets with a burst COLOR by using a contrasting paint color.

A QUICK an easy UPDATE to add some CHARACTER to any kitchen.

Farmhouse TABLE IN the kitchen? GENIUS!

This South Carolina kitchen, designed by Suzanne Kasler, brings FUNCTION to the forefront with a farmhouse style table. It serves as an eat-in table as well as a work table. 

Check out the clear, modern pendant lights above it.  Open SHELVING for china substitutes traditional cabinetry.

CONTRASTING kitchen island....YES, please!

Glass front kitchen cabinets, stainless steel pot rack, and DARK wood floors.  LOVE the contrast!

GRAY, gray, gray!

Gray painted cabinets and walls are quite the trend.  INDUSTRIAL pendant lights, a CERAMIC farmhouse sink,  and OPEN cabinets boost the style factor in this kitchen!
kitchens - Martha Stewart - Bedford Gray - gray cabinets espresso machine cups & saucers  Martha Stewart  soft gray brown painted kitchen cabinets

Even Martha Stewart has jumped on the GRAY train! 

Her NEW kitchen bumps up the WOW factor with gray cabinets, walls, and a coffee brewing station. 

I would be in HEAVEN waking up to this ESPRESSO machine every morning!

Lisa Lewis's kitchen "sparkles" with DIAMOND patterned painted wood floors.

Blue GLASS backsplash tiles and TALL cabinetry make this a delightfully stylish and functional kitchen!

Ahhh, if only it were SUMMER!

Last but not least....summer's hot spot for us southerner's....the OUTDOOR kitchen.  This California kitchen has a beverage center, refrigerator, keg tapper, sink base, ice maker, cooktop cabinet, and last but not least, a gourmet GRILL. 

You might gain a few "new" friends with an outdoor kitchen like this!

***** I can't choose one...I'll take them ALL! *****

Bye YA'LL!
Katie Nelson

(1) Designer: Ruard Veltman + Photo: Eric Piasecki via House Beautiful (2) Designer: Gil Schafer + Eve Ashcraft + Photo: Don Freeman via House Beautiful (3) Designer: Suzanne Kasler + Photo: Thibault Jeanson via Veranda (4) Designer: Nathan Egan via decorpad (5) Designer: Sally Wheat via cote de texas (6) Designer: Beth Weinstein via (7) Designer: Lisa Lewis via apartment therapy (8) Designer: Sandy Koepke + Photo: Reed Davis via House Beautiful

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