Monday, May 9, 2011

Light my FLAME stitch...

  There are some PATTERNS that I have a 
certain deep rooted LOVE for.  

FLAME STITCH is most definitely one of those. 
FLAME STITCH has been around for what seems like FOREVER too...
i.e. GRANNY's crochet blankets.  

Well ODE to granny, because it has made it's way 
back AROUND  
to modern DAY!  
Take a LOOK at some of these great interiors featuring
 FLAME STITCH pattern...


Sophistikat FLOR tile's have those
familiar ZIG ZAG'S...

This ultra CONTEMPORARY chair has been upholstered in 
A MISSONI signature flame stitch FABRIC...


Of course, my favorite designer, 
JONATHAN ADLER would jump on the 
flame stitch WAGON...

His new collection includes a series of DECOR items
with this LOVELY take on the timeless FLAME pattern.


A dressing room, by designer Mary McDonald
features the CLASSIC pattern 
as ELEGANT wallcovering.



  FLOR'S Mag-Neat-O tile also has that 
Not to mention I LOVE the name!


WOWZERS...this flame stitch BENCH is a
GREAT pattern to compete with this BRIGHT
and cheerful BED!

You can't WAKE UP on the wrong side of this BED...


Bye YA'LL!
Katie Nelson

via 1) FLOR 2) Ore Studios + Photo by Jouko Lehtola and Aino Huovio for Artek  
3)  4) House Crush Blog 5) FLOR  (6) The Good Design Blog

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